If you are located in Western Europe/America/Asia, please e-mail: pan.orlov@gmail.com


If you are located in Eastern Europe or in the countries of former USSR, please get in touch with:


Dr. Mikhail Alexandrovich Orlov

Research and Manufacturing Centre 'Optics'

Predslavinskaya Street, 37, Kiev 03150, Ukraine

Tel.:   (38067) 449-02-05   

E-mail: pan.orlov (at*) gmail.com  *Substitute (at) with @


The same address in Russian:

Украина, г. Киев 03150,

ул. Предславинская, 37,

Научно-производственный центр "Оптика",

к. т. н.  Орлов Михаил Александрович. 

Tel: (38067) 449-02-05 

E-mail: pan.orlov (at*) gmail.com